Friday, June 28, 2013

Analysis on Worldwide Regional Web Search for "''

Bug Club is receptive for children's reading, it aims at turning young readers into life-long readers. It is different from traditional reading for it combines books and games creating a reading online world which can motivate children's reading interest. It helps children to cultivate a habit of independent reading. Children like to read in bugclub and the parents believe in it.
 According to the analysis for search volume, we can see is mainly searched in the United Kingdom, especially in England. So the may better develop here. Australia is also on the list. The influence of has also expanded to other countries.  Australia was originally a British colony, and now is a Commonwealth country.

Bristol, Birmingham, Perth, Sydney and London are some hot search cities. Bristol ranks first on the list and it is a southwestern city in England. Bristol attaches great importance to education to economic development. Colleges in Bristol provide all around and multilevel education. Influenced by this concept, parents pay more attention to their children's education.

What message can we see from it? The educational concept may different in many countries.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amazon will greatly expand fresh service

After quietly developed for several years,Amazon is planning to greatly expand raw electricity services,
AmazonFresh.It is said that amazon will launch Amazonfresh services in Los Angeles recently at the soonest,and launch this service at the end of the year in the bay area.If everything goes smoothly,in 2014,amazon will launch AmazonFresh services in other 20 cities,including some cities of oversea  countries.According to sources familiar with AmazonFresh expansion plans,Amazon's new distribution center have fridge area,and has a area which can hold 1 million grocery goods near this area.
comment:Amazon's practice in the field of fresh service will not only lead American companies to enter this field,but also has demonstrative effect in China's e-commerce sector.At home,until now, there are few larger independent startups in fresh areas.At present, the online sales of fresh either through taobao and other large agricultural products base platform for pre-order groupon-style sales,or in the regional trial like 1 shop doing business category.Due to fresh's high requirement on delivery,it needs another set of storage and distribution system,thus the threshold of the industry is high.But it also gives some created opportunities for enterprise have supply chain or distribution resources.